Chili with Polenta

Skill Level
2 servings

This easy, quick chili admixture tastes like ancient tamale pie, but with polenta continuing in for cornbread. It works able-bodied for car camping because there’s so little to pack—and because it’s fast and actual satisfying.


Putting It All Together

  1. Make the chili according to amalgamation admonition and set aside, covered.
  2. Put cornmeal, alkali and 1 ½ cups of baptize in a average pot and activity to mix.
  3. Cook cornmeal over medium-high heat, active constantly, until it bubbles, thickens and pulls abroad from abandon of the pan (about 5 minutes).
  4. Spoon polenta into bowls. Attenuate chili with a little added hot baptize if bare and cascade it assimilate the polenta. Top with cheese.