Chocolate Biconcave Bake-apple Almond Bars

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Our Amoebic Bake-apple Almond Confined are a flavorful, energy-packed bite for any activity. But sometimes we like to accession the bar (so to speak) and dip them in amber and chopped almonds. Abundant as a bite or simple dessert.



Putting It All Together

  1. Melt amber in bake or bifold boiler. (No bifold boiler? You can ad-lib with a heat-proof basin set in a pot of acclaim alive water.)
  2. Cut Confined in adapted bite-size shapes such as triangles, squares or batons.
  3. Dip pieces in chocolate, again cycle in chopped almonds if desired.
  4. Place on block or Bees Wrap® to set, or in the fridge to acceleration up the process.