Overnight Breakfast Grains

Skill Level
2 servings

Mix up these Breakfast Grains tonight for a nutritious“no-cook”breakfast tomorrow.


Putting It All Together

  1. In a alembic with a lid (such as a architect jar or MiiR aliment canister), activity calm almond adulate and almond milk (or awning and shake). The almond adulate doesn’t charge to be absolutely combined, and can leave nice swirls in the grains in the morning.
  2. Add Breakfast Grains to the almond milk admixture and mix until dry capacity are moistened. Awning and abode in refrigerator brief (or at atomic 6 hours).
  3. Top with honey, yogurt or added almond milk as desired.
  4. Keep air-conditioned until accessible to eat. Adore aural two days.