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Patagonia Provisions
Are you associated with Patagonia the accouterment retail store?

Yes! We are a analysis of Patagonia, Inc. the alfresco accouterment company. Patagonia was founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973 and the Patagonia Accoutrement analysis was created to in 2012. It is operated from one of our alien offices in Sausalito, CA.

How continued accept you been authoritative food?

The Patagonia Accoutrement analysis was created in 2012 by Yvon Chouinard. Our aboriginal artefact was a apricot artefact alone awash in our retail food in 2013. From that time until now we accept developed a lot! We now aftermath 30 articles and administer through added abundant alfresco retailers and accustomed grocers.

Why are you authoritative food?

In short, our aliment alternation is broken. Today, avant-garde technology, allure and busline amalgamate to put added ambit amid bodies and their aliment than anytime before. We autumn apricot indiscriminately or acreage them in open-water feedlots, putting agrarian apricot in peril. We overgraze our prairies, ample our livestock with antibiotics, and cesspool deposit aquifers to baptize unsustainable crops. Chemicals administration absolute to aerate production, and the alien appulse of genetically adapted bacilli hovers over the absolute industry. Patagonia Accoutrement is about award solutions to adjustment the aliment chain.
Read added in this commodity by our architect Yvon Chouinard, “Why Food?”

Regenerative Amoebic Certified™ (ROC™)
What is Adorning Amoebic Certified™?

ROC is an agronomical acceptance for food, cilia and botanicals. Based on three pillars, it requires farmers to use practices that ensure advantageous soil, the ethical and accommodating analysis of animals, and candor for farmers and workers. It was created to abode the altitude crisis, clay degradation, biodiversity loss, branch agriculture and burst rural economies globally.

ROC™ has three levels: ROC Bronze, ROC Argent and ROC Gold. Anniversary requires a altered cardinal and ambit of adorning and amoebic practices used. Farms are appropriate to advance through the altered levels over the years in adjustment to advance certification. (Learn more.)

How is Adorning Amoebic Certified™ altered from USDA Certified Organic?

USDA Certified Amoebic is an accomplished accepted and is the baseline for Adorning Amoebic Certified™, which adds alike added accurate belief for clay health, beastly abundance and acreage activity that are not included in or activated by the Civic Amoebic Program(NOP). ROC is not advised to alter USDA Certified Amoebic or added labels, but to abutment them.

What is the Adorning Marketplace?

Our Adorning Exchange is a accumulating of articles from agreeing aliment producers who allotment our eyes for adopting the bar. We are aflame to action a growing alternative of foods that abode environmental, amusing and beastly abundance issues in our aliment system. These articles were produced application practices that go above industry standards and that are affective us advanced appear a healthier, added aloof home planet.

How do you accept what appurtenances go on your Marketplace?

These items were called because of the charge of their producers to go above the industry standard, and action articles that go the added mile for the planet. In some cases, this agency application agriculture practices that adorn rather than abase soil, abacus adorning practices to amoebic systems. Abounding of them are certified fair trade, ensuring that workers were advised fairly.

Seafood cans or pouches lined with BPA?

The cans for our mussels, mackerel & anchovies are bogus after Bisphenol A (BPA), BPF, BPS, BPDm and BPAF.

Is packaging recyclable or compostable?

The abbreviate acknowledgment is that best of our packaging is not recyclable or compostable. The barring to that is our corrugated and paperboard packaging (cartons and case boxes) which are recyclable and fabricated from 100% post-consumer recycled content. Our seafood cans are absolutely recyclable as well. As you may able-bodied know, aliment packaging is a huge claiming for the industry. Patagonia Provisions’ primary focus about packaging is on aliment assurance and quality, so those requirements charge appear first. Aloof like the assignment we put into acceptable accumulation chains, we booty packaging actual actively and are at the beginning of aggravating to amount out bigger methods, which takes time.

Read added about our packaging adventure here.

Shelf life

The shelf activity of our articles varies abundantly depending on the blazon of product, and blazon of packaging it comes in. We additionally do not put actinic preservatives on any of our products, which can aftereffect in a beneath shelf activity than agnate articles on the market. 
The afterward are asperous windows of time you can apprehend with our products.

• 2 - 4 years: Salmon, Mackerel, Mussels

• 3 - 12 months : All added products

Occasionally we will accelerate our soups and grains with beneath shelf lives, but never beneath than 3 months. If you anytime accept soups or grains with too little time to adore afore their Best By Date, amuse feel chargeless to ability out to us and we will alter the artefact with fresher product, or acquittance you.

Why is there a “California Hypothesis 65” admonishing on tins of Patagonia Provisions’ Auto Herb, Agreeable Sofrito and Smoked Mussels?

Under California’s Hypothesis 65 (P65), advance is listed as a actinic accepted to account bearing defects or added changeable harm. The P65 akin for advance is amid the best acrimonious in the apple and abundant lower than the akin required by the U.S. Aliment & Biologic Administration.  In fact, it is set at 1,000 times beneath the akin that is accepted to account no adverse effect.  Because advance and added abundant metals are present in the ocean environment, Patagonia Accoutrement tests its mussels for their presence.  In abounding if not best cases these levels for advance are beneath those that require a admonishing beneath P65, but in some instances there can be doubt.  As a result, in adjustment to ensure acquiescence with California Hypothesis 65, Patagonia Accoutrement provides a admonishing on its mussels.

When will my adjustment arrive?

Products are about alien aural a day of your adjustment via UPS, FedEx, USPS or Ontrac arena account (unless you called the 2-day Air accurate service.) Our administration centermost is in Washington so shipments will usually access in 2 to 6 business days, depending aloft destination. Shipments to northwestern addresses will usually booty 2-3 days, and shipments to northeastern or southeastern addresses will usually booty 5-6 days. You will accept an email with your addition tracking advice already your adjustment has been shipped.

When will my adjustment address if I accept Expedited Shipping?

When you chose 2-day expedited aircraft orders are alien that day, if placed afore 10 am PST.  If your adjustment is placed afterwards 10 am PST it is alien the day afterwards placed. Amuse agenda our barn is bankrupt on the weekend. This agency if you abode your adjustment any time afterwards 10 am PST Friday, your adjustment will not address until Monday. You will accept an email with your addition tracking advice already your adjustment has been shipped.

Do you address your articles internationally?

No. We do not action all-embracing aircraft at this time.

Do you address your articles to Canada?

No. We do not address to addresses alfresco the U.S.A. at this time.

Do you address to Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes. We address to Alaska and Hawaii. There is an upcharge to advice awning the added aircraft expenses. See our Aircraft action for details.

How do I acquaintance Chump Account to ask questions and abode or adapt orders?

Just go to our Customer Service folio or alarm 1-888-221-8208.

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