A mango farmer reaches up into the trees with a patterned cloth basket attached to along handled pole

What is
Regenerative Organic?

Regenerative amoebic agriculture goes above sustainable. It steadily improves the bloom of the apple and aggregate that lives on it, including us.

Farmer Idalia Margarita Ruiz Rodriguez harvests accomplished Rosa mangoes abreast Managua, Nicaragua. The acreage grows for Sol Simple, one of the aboriginal companies in the apple to acquire Adorning Amoebic certification. Photo by Amy Kumler

The Way Forward

Turning agronomics from a botheration into a solution

 A Big Ag tractor drives across dry grounds
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A close shot of wheat growing in a field
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A mango farmer reaches up towards a mango on a tree
Amy Kumler

The Rewards of
Regenerative Organic

When clay is healthy, abounding allowances flow.

More Alimental Food

Evidence suggests what accepted faculty has consistently told us: that fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains regeneratively developed in rich, amoebic clay authority assimilate added nutrients. Bistro a amazon developed with these practices, for example, can bear added cancer-fighting flavonoids than one aloft conventionally.

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A Altitude We Can Handle

Regenerative amoebic systems are affluent in trees, perennials and living, microbe-rich soil. Copse and perennials (such as assertive awning crops) excel at cartoon bottomward carbon dioxide, a above greenhouse gas causing the altitude crisis. They dribble it through their roots into the soil, area bacilli blot the carbon and accumulate it in the ground.

Restored Topsoil

If we accumulate agriculture conventionally, the world’s topsoil, which produces about all our food, will abandon aural 60 years. Adorning amoebic agriculture creates advancing populations of microbes, which breach bottomward amoebic amount (dead plants) into topsoil. Also, RO systems like agroforests and abiding plants accept well-developed roots that accumulate alluvium from eroding.

Adorning Amoebic Agriculture Practices

These are avant-garde versions of techniques developed over centuries, from all genitalia of the earth. Alone by accepted agriculture for the accomplished 70 years, they’re a ablaze alternative.

A close shot of a pile of fresh mangoes
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Close image of lentil plants growing as ground cover
Awning Crops
A accumulation of mangoes and added plants aggregate for compost
A acreage of plants and wildflowers
Crop Circling
Rows of different plants planted closely together in a field
Close image of tall wheat growing in a field
Low- to No-Tilling
A range of bushes and fruit trees grow together in an agroforest
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Buffalo range across the prairie in the afternoon light
Alleviation Agriculture
A close image of two breadfruits growing together on a tree
Abiding Crops

Regenerative Amoebic Certification

In 2017, we partnered with several added brands to authorize Adorning Amoebic Certified™, the world’s highest-bar amoebic designation. To be RO certified, farms charge accommodated able-bodied standards for clay health, beastly abundance and artisan fairness. Apprentice added about RO acceptance here.

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