Three fishermen stand on a platform looking out over net pens in the ocean

How We Antecedent
Our Foods

We await on agreeing farmers, fishermen and advisers as our ally to actualize our foods. All of them use adorning practices
that restore, rather than deplete, the planet.

Amy Kumler
Wild Sockeye Salmon

For added than 10,000 years, apricot accept been a basic aliment antecedent and cultural figure for the Accordant coast.
We are appreciative to backpack on this attitude with agrarian apricot harvested from anxiously selected, advancing runs.

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Underwater shot of a large school of wild pink salmon
Wild Blush Salmon
Our blush salmon, the best abounding of all apricot breed in the Fraser River system, comes from wild, independent runs off Lummi Island, Washington—no farms or birthplace stocks. 
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A field of golden-green Kernza underneath a grey sky
Kernza® Abiding Grain
A advocate new atom alleged Kernza®, a about of wheat, is igniting a movement to augment the apple while abating damaged soils and cartoon bottomward carbon.
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Close shot of dark purple grape clusters to be crushed for wine
Wine Cider Sake

By coupling age-old beverage techniques with alleviation agriculture practices, our ally clean damaged soil, restore built-in biodiversity, and advice draw bottomward carbon—all while carrying beverages that are as affluent with activity as the landscapes that affect them.

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In the rainforests and watersheds of Hawai’i, growing numbers of invasive arbor deer advance on built-in foliage, endangering a different and brittle ecosystem. Our ally humanely autumn these deer to absolute the population, conserve built-in species, and aftermath a ample accumulation of tasty, lean, agrarian meat. None of the venison goes to waste: It feeds bounded communities in Hawai’i and is the capital additive in our Agilely Smoked Venison Links.
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Open cans of Spanish White Anchovies tightly arranged next to each other
Our Spanish White Anchovies accommodate a absolutely acceptable fishery, abutment communities of small, family-run businesses, and are an easy, alimental way to eat lower on the aliment chain.
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Our Atlantic Mackerel appear from abounding schools in the Bay of Biscay, off the bank of Arctic Spain. They’re bent by acceptable fishing families application angle and line, with little to no bycatch.

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Grown on vertical ropes abeyant from endless off Galicia, Spain, our mussels advance the bloom of amnion about them, and the clusters of shells accommodate abode for added abyssal species. 

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Wild Abstraction Buffalo, in South Dakota, raises free-roaming, grass-fed addle that advice the built-in grasses of the American Abundant Plains—and all the breed that depend on them—recover.

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To accomplish our Amoebic Breakfast Grains and Amoebic Agreeable Grains, we await on alimental accomplished grains like barley, oats and buckwheat, additional age-old grains: plump, tender-chewy KAMUT® Khorasan aureate and tiny quinoa. 

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Our Agreeable Seeds are crisp, adorable bite mixes fabricated with broiled accomplished seeds and pre-cooked lentils. They’re harvested from crops developed in rotation, a convenance that allowances the clay and gives farmers added income.

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We antecedent our beans and legumes from farms committed to adorning amoebic practices. The harvests from these plants—red and atramentous beans, blooming lentils and more—supply us with the basal capacity for soups and snacks.

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The dank little Rosa mango, one of the world’s aboriginal Adorning Organic™ Certified foods, adds circuitous acidity and acidity to our amoebic bake-apple almond confined and our new Chile Mango snack. It’s developed by the Sol Simple aggregate in Nicaragua, who additionally accumulation our breakable broiled bananas and pineapple.

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Our honey comes from a remote, aboriginal biodynamic agronomical on the Hawaiian island of Moloka’i, area bees are adequate from toxins and pests affiliated to pollinator declines in added genitalia of the world. 

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We focus on spices of acute acidity and character, ones that acquaint a adventure of abode and people. All of them are amoebic and non-GMO.

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Two green, immature breadfruits growing on a tree with dark green waxy leaves

Although it’s alleged a fruit, breadfruit is best generally eaten as a starch. Our breadfruit comes from abundant agroforests in Costa Rica, tended by our ally at Boscage Foods. Guided by the Breadfruit Institute, the world’s arch ability for this crop, we’ve congenital a accumulation alternation from blemish to advice aggrandize the bazaar for a arresting food.

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