Patagonia Accoutrement Sponsorships

Jordan Rosen
We accept aliment can—and should—play a above role in award solutions to the ecology crisis.

With Patagonia Provisions, we’ll focus our efforts alike added accurately on architecture a healthier, added acceptable aliment chain. One of the affidavit we’re aflame about abutting the aliment industry is that it provides a new perspective—and faculty of urgency—about some of the ecology issues we’re already addressing. It additionally helps us appoint with organizations added anon complex with food, like Alice Waters’ Comestible Schoolyard Activity and the Kokua Hawaii Foundation, which acquaint accouchement to the abstraction of growing, affable and bistro healthy, amoebic foods.

Occasionally we abutment organizations and contest which are furthering education, analysis and abutment of adorning amoebic agriculture. For your appeal to accept austere attention, amuse ample out a advocacy appliance anatomy and abide it forth with acknowledging affidavit (plans, timelines, ecology contributions, etc).

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