Hikers sitting side by side, one holding an orange can of Patagonia Provisions Long Root IPA

Why Beer?

Amy Kumler
Well, for starters, we’ve been accepted to adore a acceptable beverage from time to time.

But above that, our sourcing acquaintance has accomplished us a affair or two about farming. And beer, fabricated from atom and hops, is an agronomical product, afterwards all.

However, best of the world's agronomics is currently bedeviled by automated practices, and automated ag generates about a division of the world’s planet-warming greenhouse gases. We accept the approaching of agronomics lies in a altered affectionate of agronomics — one that’s restorative, with practices that draw bottomward carbon dioxide gas, addition clay biodiversity, and calmly aftermath crops after actinic fertilizers or pesticides.

Our accompany at The Acreage Convention in Kansas, led by Wes Jackson, accept fabricated a above advance in that administration with the development of a abiding atom alleged Kernza®, which gives our beers their distinct, attenuate spiciness. A accessory of anniversary wheat, Kernza is calm from average aureate grass, agnate to how grasses accept been calm into grains for over 10,000 years.

Kernza’s massive basis arrangement and abiding advance acquiesce it to advance after agronomics or pesticides. It uses beneath baptize than accepted wheat, restores alluvium and draws bottomward added carbon from the atmosphere than do anniversary grains. Already the atom is harvested, the roots abide in the soil, captivation carbon underground as they breach down.

But back you’re thirsty, the best account is that it makes a analgesic beer.

In 2016, we teamed up with Hopworks Burghal Brewery in Portland, Oregon, to acquaint the aboriginal bartering use of Kernza in our Continued Root® Anemic Ale. Back then, we’ve formed with farmers to access plantings of Kernza beyond the country and internationally, and accept alien two added beers: Continued Root® Wit in 2019 and our newest, Continued Root® IPA, in 2021.

Our Beers

Drink Up to Draw Down

Long Root® IPA

Our newest beer is brewed in the acceptable West bank style, application Avalanche and Chinook hops, Clear 40 malt and Kernza grain. The result: A clean, brittle acerbity with malty courage and addendum of beginning apricot and pine. ABV: 6.2%

Long Root® Anemic Ale

This Northwest-style anemic ale is brewed with amoebic two-row barley, amoebic yeast, amoebic Chinook, Circuitous and Clear hops, and Kernza atom for a refreshing, grapefruit character, counterbalanced maltiness and a brittle finish. ABV: 5.5%

Long Root® Wit

Our Northwest circuit on the archetypal Belgian-style witbier is brewed with amoebic coriander and orange bark for a ablaze citrus finish. ABV: 4.9%

Area to Buy Our Beer

A hand reaches into an open cooler of Patagonia Provisions beer on a rocky beach
Amy Kumler

Patagonia Accoutrement Continued Root® Anemic Ale, Continued Root® Wit and Continued Root® IPA are small-batch brews, so they can be boxy to find. But it’s able-bodied account the effort.