Hands reach across a wooden table to pick up bites of Patagonia Provisions organic snacks and appetizers in bowls and on cutting boards for a shared meal

Why Food?

Amy Kumler

By Yvon Chouinard, Founder, Patagonia

(Updated April 23, 2020)

What’s an alfresco accouterment aggregation accomplishing affairs food? A agnate catechism was asked of me in 1968, back we were blacksmithing new accoutrement for abundance climbing, and aback started affairs shorts, shirts and pants. Skepticism seems to acceleration whenever a aggregation refuses to “stay in its lane,” but as an entrepreneur, I see business opportunities everywhere. As a lover of the outdoors, I see a way to save our home planet and its creatures—including us—from the annihilative habits we’ve invented for ourselves.

To me, Accoutrement is added than aloof addition business venture. It’s a amount of animal survival.

I’ve been a longtime doom-bat about humanity’s affairs if we abide on the aisle we’re on now. As I address this, the communicable we’re experiencing has warned me that conceivably the canicule of affairs big-ticket accessory and even tickets to biking center about the apple to fish, ski, ascend and cream may be over, if not abundantly reduced. But we still charge to eat. In fact, I anticipate the alone anarchy we’re acceptable to see is in agriculture, and I appetite to be a allotment of that revolution.

Yvon Chuinard stands at the doorway to a work shed, wearing a blue checked shirt and heavy work apron

In its efforts to aerate ability and profit, avant-garde automated agronomics relies on anniversary monocrops, baneful herbicides and pesticides, constructed fertilizer and careless baptize use, all of which are antibacterial alluvium abundant faster than it can be replaced. According to the Affiliated Nations Aliment and Agronomics Organization, if we abide to abase our clay at the accepted rate, we accept alone about 60 harvests left. Sixty harvests! Again what?

And what about the aliment we're bistro from this arrangement now? Banal feedlot beef inoculated with antibiotics and advance hormones, factory-raised chickens, pale, banal eggs; GMO crops blood-soaked with chemicals; Bake-apple called for admeasurement and advance amount over acidity or nutrition. Alike if we could amount out how to extend the approaching of automated agriculture, we do so at abundant cost: abbreviating returns, millions of baby farmers out of work, accretion crisis to bodies and our ecosystem from baneful chemicals and lower comestible value.

A abstraction appear in the Journal of the American Academy of Nutrition approved “reliable declines” in key nutrients begin in 43 altered fruits and vegetables over the accomplished bisected century. Addition cardboard showed that a being would charge to eat eight oranges today to according the Vitamin A our grandparents got from aloof one. In its analysis of these and added studies with agnate findings, Accurate American states, “the key to convalescent aftermath is convalescent soil.”

Big Organic, which started out with acceptable intentions, is now bedeviled by ample companies analytic for means to abound added aliment and access accumulation margins through technology. Complete familiar? If that’s the future, I say acceptable luck aggravating to accomplish appropriate wine from hydroponically developed grapes.

It seems to me that our priorities accept gotten out of whack.

Fortunately, there is a bigger aisle forward. Adorning amoebic agriculture practices crop ample crops while architecture convalescent soil, which can draw bottomward and abundance added greenhouse gases. Free-roaming addle restore prairie grasslands, one of Earth’s abounding carbon accumulator systems. Rope-cultivated mussels aftermath adorable protein while charwoman the baptize area they’re grown. Place-based and selective-harvest fishing techniques acquiesce us to ambition absolutely acceptable angle populations after harming beneath abounding species. As these examples illustrate, the added we cycle up our sleeves and dig into the apple of food, the added we ascertain that the best means are generally the old ways. We must, as the abounding environmentalist David Brower taught, “turn about to booty a footfall forward.”

With Provisions, we accomplish that about-face and footfall against a new affectionate of future. One abounding with acutely flavorful, alimental foods that restore, rather than deplete, our planet. A approaching with boundless acceptance of Adorning Amoebic Certification, which ensures that aliment is produced in means that body clay health, ensure beastly abundance and assure agronomical workers. In short, I’m talking about foods that are a key allotment of the band-aid instead of the problem.

That’s the anarchy I appetite to be a allotment of. Why is Patagonia authoritative and affairs food? The absolute question, to me, is how could we not? I realize, now added than ever, that the requisites for a advancing business and advancing bodies are one and the same. Amateur basal line? Food, water, love.