Thyme Blanc Meinklang

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Citrusy and ablaze with addendum of thyme, this attenuated and alloyed Austrian white wine was grown, age-old and bottled on a biodynamic acreage straddling the abundant lowlands of Austria and Hungary.

It’s allotment of our accumulating of artisanal brewed beverages fabricated application alleviation acreage practices and bottled with basal intervention.

  • 750 ml bottle
  • Alcohol agreeable 12% by volume
  • Product of Austria
  • Best captivated by end of 2025
  • Must be 21 or earlier to purchase
  • Purchasers charge be a citizen of, and address to one of these states: AK, CA, CT, DC, FL, LA (wine & cider only), ND, NE, NH, NM, OR, VA, WV, WY
  • All sales are by Backwoods Ferments, LLC and accountable to accepting and approval by Backwoods Ferments.
  • Forest Ferments has producer’s permission to advertise artefact absolute to consumer.
  • Not for resale

Pairing Ideas

Why Accustomed Wine?

  • Thanks to low-intervention growing and processing techniques, these wines beautifully accurate the landscapes in which they’re grown—so anniversary sip conveys the taste, aroma, and spirit of some of the best places on earth
  • Grapes are developed with adorning practices that restore rather than bankrupt bounded ecosystems
    • No herbicides or pesticides: On some farms, sheep abrade bottomward the weeds; on others, waterfowl handle annoyance ascendancy and accommodate fertilizer
    • Native plants abound amid rows to anticipate erosion, draw bottomward carbon and advance clay health
  • Fermentation, crumbling and bottling:
    • No filtration
    • Minimal or no added sulfites
    • No animal-based allegorical agents; our wine is vegan
    • Naturally occurring, aboriginal yeasts—rather than lab-grown varieties—drive fermentation
  • Flavors are wild, intense, unconventional

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Product Details

  • Fermentable base: Pinot Blanc grapes, thyme
  • Produced and bottled in Pamhagen, Austria
  • Imported by ZRS Wines, Brooklyn, NY
  • Distributed by Backwoods Ferments LLC, Ventura, CA

About the Producer

The Vineyard

  • Meinklang spans Austria and Hungary’s abundant lowlands
  • One of the world’s better Demeter-certified biodynamic farms, with about 200 acreage of accustomed vines
  • Wild flora—especially clover, vetch, built-in grasses and nettles—thrive amid the rows, alleviation the clay and aesthetic the vines; they additionally accommodate pollinator abode and addition the development of aromas and phenols in the fruit
  • Grapevines are fed by a bootleg admixture of livestock dung, pomace, blooming decay and bedrock powder
  • The accouterment abound artlessly with bound pruning, carrying grapes with a aerial skin-to-pulp arrangement and circuitous acidity profiles

The Winemakers

  • Anneliese and Werner Michlits, Meinklang’s founders, assignment ancillary by ancillary with their three developed sons
  • The ancestors is allowance their acreage balance its age-old abundance and built-in biodiversity by application alone regenerative, water-friendly growing practices
  • Their biodynamic wines are unfiltered and bottled with basal sulfites

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Sourcing Our Accustomed Wines

After a continued day on the job, the pest-control aggregation active home to roost. Meinklang, abreast Neusiedlersee Lake, Austria. Photo by Sonja Priller

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